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It’s rare to receive a song so earnest and vulnerable, especially when positioned as a rock track in the song’s composition, but McCooey does the legwork to get “Just Like You” there, bridging the gap between indie darlings Bon Iver and Orville Peck as a new name to watch within the indie-folk sphere. It’s dark, it’s bursting at the seams, and by the end of the song, there’s a definite note of tinged hopefulness that is infectious.” - Clay Burton


Is it possible to know an artist really truly in just six songs? I think that’s entirely the case in the new EP Better Days from California Bay Area’s Chris McCooey. Parlaying the roots-Americana sound that can be found in the 70s rockers like The Eagles and even James Taylor, McCooey’s enviable brand of songwriting is a call back to those stylings, but he promptly makes it his own.” - Anne Hollister


McCooey has a voice that holds integrity and still, there’s something a little mischievous happening behind the curtains. He’s not just a run-of-the-mill singer. In the opening song, “Better Days” he molds the listener to his laid back style, with just a hint of caffeinated rhythms.” - Chadwick Easton


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Chris' Story

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris McCooey is a singer-songwriter and producer who discovered his love of music as an 8th-grade boy starting his first band. The passion he’d uncovered early on in life led him to perform at haunts throughout Oakland & Berkeley where he began to form his unique sound. 

Since 2018, Chris and his longtime, multi-instrumentalist friend, Max Butler, have written, produced, and recorded two EPs, 2020’s “Lovers and Cynics” and 2021’s “Better Days,” both of which maintain Chris’ Americana sound & deep lyrical storytelling. 

Drawing heavily on his Bay Area roots and the grooves, twang, soul, and rock n’ roll he was raised on, Chris has cultivated a style that converges his rustic vocals and heartfelt lyrics with poignant yet upbeat Americana sounds. 

Of the 2021 album, “Better Days,” Mob Angeles author Michael Rand said, “These aren’t passerby songs. Intoxicating guitar melodies and riffs, along with the breezy drums, the songs on Better Days are just what the day calls for and the doctor ordered. “ 

In late 2022, Chris and Max Butler released his 3rd EP, “Missing Pieces,” featuring the November 2022 lead single “Just Like You” which is inspired by the struggle to overcome the trauma that shapes identities. 

Reflecting upon his music, McCooey says, “I hope my time this side of eternity counts for something, and I can leave something behind that matters or means something to somebody.” 

Chris McCooey’s collective works are now available on all streaming platforms. Following a record release event for the new EP in January, Chris plans to share his music at live performances in the spring and summer of 2023.